Online data will explode due to robust targeting

Among the trends we expect to accelerate in 2010 is the use of online data for targeting and optimization. Most of this data is site-originated, like registration data, e-mail data, clickstream data and conversion data.

These data are collected and analyzed. They are then converted into retargeting and audience segmentation data for search, display and e-mail campaigns based on the intent demonstrated.

While this is nothing new, in 2009 targeting and optimization platforms that crossed digital channels were created, many of which contained the ability to target against the “inferred” intent data being harvested.

This year, we expect to seeing a rapid expansion of display marketing using audience targeting (now approximately 5% of display) as opposed to media (content) targeting.

When combined with traditional data elements the ability to target on site for known users and offsite or in the cloud (in a non-personally-identifiable manner) will expand the use of data, the use of analytics and the need for integrated databases.

Also watch for a significant jump in mobile data needs, social graph data for mapping relationships and attitudinal data.

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