New Year, New Start

In 2012 we asked you what you’d like more or less of in Direct Marketing News, and what issues are important or overplayed. In 2013 we’re responding with several enhancements to the print edition, as well as to the website.

We plan to deliver a mix of the modern and traditional, going deep into specific marketing disciplines and broad across them to deliver insight on individual marketing components, and on integrated and multichannel marketing strategies. We recognize that companies need subject matter expertise, but they also need collaboration and integration—our content will reflect that.

A few pages in you’ll find NEXT, a new section on trends and strategies to watch in direct marketing. In every issue NEXT will include several articles that reveal what’s new and what works across current and varied topics, such as postal and privacy regulations, social and mobile strategies, and DRTV and Big Data.

Our yes-no face off called Gloves Off has become One Tough Question, which presents the opinions of three executives who represent views from across the marketing universe (e.g., agency, analyst, vendor) on a specific topic. In this issue they debate the question of what’s more valuable to business performance, emotional or behavioral loyalty? You’ll still get the benefit of gaining expert insight on a specific issue in one place, but OTQ ensures that that insight will represent myriad marketing voices.

Of course, we’ll still have reader-favorite Battle of the Brands, pitting the marketing strategies of two similar brands against each other, featuring the perspectives of marketing creatives and strategists on each approach (DeWalt vs. Bosch).

In response to your requests for more strategic insight, we’ve launched a feature-length case study in each issue (this month go inside AARP), and expanded the case studies in The Work. We’ll continue to offer Creative Briefs as part of the section, as well as online.

We’ve also launched Diary of a CMO, which will take you along the journey as new Mitel CMO Martyn Etherington transforms the company’s approach to marketing, aligning it more closely with the firm’s overarching goals. Each month we’ll check with Etherington on his progress as he reorganizes marketing teams, realigns compensation, introduces process changes, and more.

Our features will also go deep—into broad issues and best practices. In this issue, for example, reporter Elyse Dupré discusses marketing’s influence on the customer experience in “Marketer Vs. Reality.” The article will explain marketing’s role in delivering a top-notch customer experience, including how to define, track, and measure success. Additionally, in “Marketers Lag Customers’ Mobile Email Adoption,” news editor Al Urbanski takes you inside mobile email marketing strategies, examining how best to weave mobile into existing email and mobile marketing approaches.

And in case you haven’t seen it yet, let me introduce you to Marketing Challenge, which gives you the opportunity to voice your opinion on how to resolve a sticky situation. This month our fictitious set up pits a loyalty marketer against a group of disgruntled, vocal customers.

So read on, and please provide your feedback to me at [email protected]. I’d love to hear what you think of all the new content, and what issues you’d like us to cover.

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