makes movie-renting and online streaming effortless

Netflix features the best online video rental business plan and one of the most innovative websites in the industry.

The “Your Queue” feature is the simplest and most important aspect of the Netflix experience, enabling consumers to quickly add movies to a list of upcoming rentals. “Your Queue” also permits patrons to add titles to the top of the list or drop titles down to the bottom with little effort. On the home page, Netflix members can browse through recommended titles by scrolling over a pop-up arrow on the right side of their screens.

Movies are broken down into micro-segmented genres, such as “Steamy Romance,” which enables consumers to browse their favorite categories without proverbially flipping through otherwise unwanted titles. Netflix offers its members a seemingly unlimited number of suggestions within each category based on how the member rated other titles.

The ratings system ranges from 1-5 stars and also features a “Not Interested” tab that limits the number of times members will come across unwanted titles. The “Watch Instantly” video streaming feature makes Netflix the most user-friendly video rental site in the industry: Just find the selection, click “Play” and enjoy.

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