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Nature’s Way Floods DOOH Channels with Weather-Activated Placements

Vistar Media’s digital out-of-home (DOOH) inventory includes public transit hubs, taxis, airports and other places holiday travelers will be scrambling through this season.

Consumer dietary supplement brand Nature’s Way will be tapping into airports and Times Square through Vistar’s exchange, using WeatherFX triggers that result in heavy-ups around bad, cold-inducing weather. The brand tried a similar effort earlier this year and reached 18 million consumers.

Larisa Knopp, associate brand manager for Nature’s Way, told me that the aim of the campaign is to drive awareness of cold and flu remedies in “contextually relevant spaces for our consumer.”

She said, “Consumers often are concerned about keeping their immune system supported as they make their holiday travels. There are several stressors that can contribute to a compromised immune system at this time of year, so it is great to have the ability to show up in a contextually relevant place as these concerns are top of mind.”

The campaign is “part of a cohesive and robust media plan in which we are showing up at various locations along our consumers’ wellness journeys,” Knopp stated.

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According to Leslie Lee, VP marketing at Vistar Media, the industry has seen more screens and easier connections, allowing marketers to get their message out across DOOH channels with a data-driven strategy. With more opportunities at both ends of the spectrum, increased flexibility enables scale for big budget campaigns, as well as making lower-cost test runs more feasible.

“More and more, companies that either have screens as part of the service they provide, or [for] their consumer experience, are tapping into the opportunities of becoming a DOOH network, allowing brands to capitalize on unique contextual relevance and captive audiences,” Lee explained. “With full-stack DOOH technology providers like Vistar Media, these new entrants to the space can more easily get a network up and running and monetized through programmatic.”

Crowded transportation zones get travelers wary during the busy holiday season. Add wintry weather to the environment, and many travelers will be rubbing their hands with germ killing lotions.

“Executing DOOH programmatically enables brands to leverage data, such as weather triggers, to activate media only exactly when and where consumers might be most likely to experience flu symptoms,” said Lee.

“Tapping into the contextual relevance of particular DOOH venues, such as airports where consumers may be concerned about their immune systems, allows brands to target their messaging and media dollars to key decision-making moments,” she added.

The data in the DOOH channel flows both ways. Weather and location can direct advertisers toward relevant placements – in this case, busy hubs on a cloudy day. At the same time, data provides measurable results to prove the value of the investment.

“Audience-driven DOOH campaigns drive real results, and thanks to today’s technology we can increasingly quantify those results,” Lee said. “Whether it’s driving foot traffic to specific retail locations, increasing brand awareness and purchase intent, or measuring actual sales lift for a specific product, brands today can connect the dots between DOOH campaigns and real-world results.”

She stated, “[Out-of-home] – whether static or digital – is undeniably impactful. As consumers tire of digital advertising, become increasingly wary of social messaging, cord cut away from traditional broadcast and consume their content in a fragmented world, OOH remains an integral part of the fabric of our daily lives in the physical world.”

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