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Moving Beyond the (Strong)Mail

“We go across not just email, but mobile, social, web, and display and our name is StrongMail?” David Atlas,the company’s SVP of marketing, asks rhetorically. “There’s nothing wrong with StrongMail as a brand. It’s strong literally and figuratively. But it needs an update to reflect our [current offerings].”

That change is a rebrand from StrongMail to StrongView. “StrongView isn’t only an update, it’s where marketing and tech are and should be going,” says Atlas, adding that it can no longer be marketing execution on one side and customer intelligence on the other as two separate entities; they need to be combined. “We look at de-siloing marketing execution channels and data; that’s how you get the stronger view of who customers are, where they are, and how you engage them. It’s a broader more actionable view of customers. That’s where we are and where we see the market going.”

In terms of how StrongView has and will continue to evolve related to the rebrand, Atlas notes that the company recently bolstered its mobile offering and will announce further enhancements later this month. “Display has also come on board,” he says.

Additionally, the 8.0 version of its StrongView’s platform has capabilities that “stitch together the chapters of what marketing stories look like,” Altas says. For example, StrongView customers can leverage Amazon’s Red Shift data warehouse service through the StrongView platform to store and analyze customer and marketing information, “to allow for a more holistic approach to data,” he says. StrongView will announce additional capabilities in the fall for “what customers can do with Red Shift to understand and use their data,” Altas adds.

The rebrand also reflects the changes in conversation and purchasing happening in the marketing industry today. Companies more enterprise focused; in other words, they’re expecting more comprehensive offerings, and the senior marketing and technology executives are collaborating more when making these larger purchases, Atlas notes. “That’s a trend we’re seeing and we’re able to talk to that type of buyer,” he says. “We want to say to a CMO or senior marketer, ‘Trust us; we’ll handle all of your marketing.’”


StrongView CEO Bill Wagner
shows off the new company logo.

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