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Merkle creates standalone business to measure media buying

Database marketing agency Merkle has formed a business, called LogicLab, to create results-based measurements for media buying. It will develop online tools for media buyers to determine the value of their ad buys. Merkle is developing similar tools on a proprietary basis for some clients.

The business will be led by Christopher Wilson. He comes to Merkle from Experian Research Services, where he served as president and oversaw a team that developed database services to serve advertisers’ and agencies’ media buying needs.

“We want to bring accountability to the process of media buying with results-based measurements that leverage consumer data for targeted messages that squeeze out waste,” said Wilson. The company will also advise clients on optimizing their advertising placements and determining the return on investment of their media spend.

He added that such tools “don’t exist right now in the marketplace on a syndicated basis.” The technologies currently available for mass media buying are based on impressions and cost per thousand, Wilson explained.

LogicLab will be based in New York and operate as a standalone entity with its own board of directors and management team. LogicLab has hired less than five employees to start. It will add more as it gains clients.

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