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Medallia Integrates Facebook, Salesforce, Adds AI To Experience Cloud

Medallia, a customer experience management platform, announced several major additions to their product at their Experience 2018 event this week; including integrations with Salesforce, Facebook Messenger, a cross-device UX design, and implementation of AI across their Experience Cloud.

“Your customer is interacting with you in ways in more ways than they ever have before,” Krish Mantripragada, chief product officer, Medallia. “They don’t want you to just be in those channels, they want you to know them.”

Fine-tuning mobile experiences was priority for Medallia, as they recognized the need for companies to be more competitive in the space. On the backend, the SaaS company upgraded their UX and mobile app to create a seamless design that provides a uniform experience across all devices. A new partnership with Workplace by Facebook allows organizations to connect and share feedback data, issues, and insights across teams within the social platform. Medallia plans to expand their Workplace capabilities to eventually include more sophisticated dashboards and reporting.

On the consumer-facing side, Medallia Conversations allows brands to provide a “concierge-type” service to customers through coordinated Facebook Messenger, SMS and email campaigns in real-time. Information and analytics collected through these interactions is curated to create targeted customer profiles and customer journey maps within their Experience Data platform, which companies can use for reporting and retargeting campaigns.

“People spend more time messaging than any other type of activity online,” Mantripragada said.

Later this year, the company plans to roll out a VoC Anywhere program, which will give brand developers the opportunity to integrate the Medallia platform into their own devices. Mantripragada gave an example of an airline having the ability to ask for feedback straight from their on-plane television consoles, or a retailer giving a survey right at the register.

The entire product suite will be powered by AI and machine learning in the form of advanced NLP recognition across SMS, messenger, internal and external reviews. The technology, dubbed Medallia Athena, works to identify themes in feedback patterns, which, Mantripragada says, will help teams better prioritize and identify ongoing trends and CX pain points for customers. A layer of predictive analytics is also added to add visibility to which customer pain points have the most weight on net promoter score, and make recommendations.

“At Medallia, we fundamentally believe AI will play a role in transforming CX,” Mantripragada said.

Medallia also announced a new partnership with Accenture and Salesforce, which aims to make customer feedback data share across platforms more fluid.

“There is a deluge of data out there,” Saideep Raj, senior managing director, Accenture, said. “It’s [about] changing an organization into an organism — that’s what we call a living business.”

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