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Marketing Strategies That Work on Twitter

twitter marketing strategies

As a platform, Twitter is fast-moving. Tweets disappear down a page quickly and Twitter users publish the same or variations of the same content several times at different times of the day. This reaches more people. There are different types of content that work well on Twitter. They can be promotional content, curated content, authority content, and daily updates. On Twitter, it is normal to share thoughts and opinions several times a day. Given below are marketing strategies that work to increase the audience on Twitter.

Be strategic about following

A brand should not follow random people. Its target audience should be able to discover it. An easy way to find the target audience is to go to a competitor’s account and follow their followers. One must be careful as Twitter often deactivates an account that follows and unfollows a hundred accounts every day. It is better to set a target. For instance, a business can choose to follow 40 new people each day. At the end of the day, it is not about the size of the audience, but about how engaged they are.

Engagement is important

Just like on any other social media platform, engagement on Twitter is also very important. A business can choose to tag 10 people in the images it uses. People who are in the image or have something to do with the content should be tagged. Followers can also be encouraged to act. That could be visiting a website, commenting on a tweet, or retweeting a tweet. A business can use video replies in its comments, this adds personality to a brand. Q&A also helps to connect with followers and engage them. Followers can also be encouraged to use branded hashtags to gain more exposure.


Competitions help to generate buzz around a business. To do this, the competition should be outlined well, and instructions should be given as to how one can enter a competition with the help of a tweet. People can also be encouraged to retweet a tweet to increase their chances of winning in the competition. Create a specific competition hashtag for this purpose. This would help a business to monitor the conversation around the competition.

Use humor

Companies that use humor in their tweets are followed a lot more than others that do not. A brand that uses humor entertains people. Taco Bell often comes up with witty one-liners and hilarious comebacks that keep its followers entertained. This also humanizes a brand and makes its personality appear unique.

Build relationships

Twitter can be very useful for making new connections. A brand should focus on being helpful first. This is another one of our marketing strategies that works. Personal replies also go a long way in forming meaningful relationships. The content used should be innovative. Creative visuals are a bonus. 

Dara Busch is Co-CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency.

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