Lynn Fantom, chairman and CEO, ID Media

Three key clients: American Express, Johnson & Johnson, and Verizon.
Joined ID Media: 2001

What makes a true agency visionary? 

A visionary favors imagination over logistics.  But a true leader cares about both.  My goal in our agency is to nurture a team that yields a strong balance of innovation and execution.

What drives change in your agency? 

Opportunity ignites change.  ID has a deeply ingrained commitment to “test-and-learn” and innovative clients.  That means media venues come to us first to try new things.  And because we also have such a supportive culture, people feel comfortable taking risks.

What was the big leap you’ve made in your agency to move your company toward the future?

We went beyond the agency’s heritage in response television to emphasize both online and promotional print as channels to deliver a strong ROI for our clients.  This led not only to core competencies in these media, but also to the ability to integrate them effectively.  Having it all under one roof yields faster, smarter optimization.

What is the biggest challenge your company faces today?

Every great direct and digital media agency today has the same challenge – to get and keep the best talent in an environment where there’s more demand than supply.

What does the agency of the future look like? 

Media is key.  Today media people identify the target audience, understand them, know how to reach them, and measure the effectiveness of that process.

What are the marketing areas now that are worth entering and that you think will endure? 

First of all, broadband video.  ID has been applying some of the same planning and buying techniques we use with offline DRTV, with very interesting results.  Secondly, I think the potential of mobile is just beginning to reveal itself and will have a long run.  I’m excited to say that we’ve just had our first mobile test that produced metrics significantly stronger (in fact, three times better) than other digital channels.  As phones have become smarter, people are using them when they’re in more relaxed modes – so they’re willing to take the time to explore and respond.  That’s yielding a new opportunity for marketers.

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