LiveRamp: Best Places to Work Honorable Mention (Mid-Sized Companies)

Competition for second place in the mid-sized companies category was very tight, so we’re giving honorable mentions to two contenders. We’ve written about LiveRamp many times here at DMN, not least because the company sometimes seems to be everywhere when it comes to its data onboarding services.

Founded in San Francisco a little over ten years ago, and acquired by Acxiom in 2014, LiveRamp is focused on identity resolution as well as data onboarding. Its IdentityLink solution seeks to link both online and offline signals back to an individual consumer, allowing brands to recognize its customers across channels and devices. So far, so good, but what about activating the data? That’s where onboarding comes in, with LiveRamp able to onboard IdentityLink-based segments “to and between” over 500 digital marketing platform partners.

One theme emphasized by LiveRamp employees responding to the survey is that they work in a fast-moving, demanding environment. But they like it. Typical comments include: “Work hard, trust hard, play hard;” “Challenging, exciting, empowering;” and “Driven and fun.”

“People choose to come in,” said one respondent, while several referred to a “start-up” vibe. With the challenges come the benefits: “LiveRamp does a great job of pushing people to do their very best in everything they do. They reward this behavior very well too.”

The highest score, though? Location: In the heart of San Francisco’s financial district, just off Market Street, and a few steps from Manhattan’s Union Square. 

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