brings beauty and grace to shopping online is an e-commerce site for home décor and women and children’s apparel. The site itself is pleasing to the eye with its soft earth tones and beautiful photographs of bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms that display items in natural settings.

Browsing is fairly straightforward with the ability to zoom and read detailed descriptions. Yet certain categories, such as “Bedding,” are arranged by brands, making it difficult to navigate unless one is familiar with the brands. Items in that section are organized by product, such as pillows or curtains, once shoppers click on a brand.

If an item is added to the shopping cart, users are taken directly to the shopping cart page, but they can click a button to easily continue shopping. In one instance, the “add to shopping cart” button did not work, and it was not discovered that an item had not been added to the shopping cart until check out.

A minor technical glitch, perhaps, but it was also a missed opportunity on a $180 item. At checkout, shoppers can either register by providing name, email and password, or only provide an email.

The site also has a blog that gives shoppers tips on decorating and gift ideas.

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