Jeannie Green, Epsilon: DMN 2014 40 Under 40 Award winner

Jeannie Green
VP, Fundraising and Nonprofit, Epsilon

Winning ways: In the past four years Green has doubled the size of Epsilon’s nonprofit customer segment both in number of accounts and in revenue, making it the company’s fastest-growing vertical in history. And her consultative approach to building the business means that Epsilon’s nonprofit clients are seeing improved response rates and average gift sizes with lower donor acquisition costs.

Defining moment: Green started her career at a digital marketing company that was one of the many casualties of the 2001 tech collapse. The shift to data-driven, results-oriented strategies was a wake-up call she’s never forgotten. “When digital started it was cool technology but no one knew how to execute. Now it all goes back to client ROI and the value you can create behind it.”

Words to live by: “I drive for excellence. I’m always looking for ways to improve things for my clients.”

Head swivel: “I’ve been seeing my clients’ budgets shift dramatically to ‘latest and greatest’ technologies when performance hasn’t really warranted it. That’s caused me to take a step back and evaluate the best ways to test new channels for optimized performance, rather than just moving to new technologies without thinking it through first.”

Good advice: “Learn from others, leverage each other’s experiences. When I started out I had incredible mentors who really helped me develop leadership skills, and I made sure I was learning from them.”

First job: “Right out of college I worked for a company called MatchLogic. It grew so rapidly that I moved into a management role very quickly. That exposed me to all aspects of the business and helped me understand product strategy and how to develop the next generation of talent. That’s where I found my passion, and every position I took after that was in a management role.”

On your nightstand: “I just finished Lean In. What I took away is that, for women, it’s not about just having one seat at the table but having multiple seats at the table, and how important it is that we have a network to support each other.”

Favorite mobile app: “Uber. I’m in New York and Washington D.C. quite a bit for client travel, and Uber has totally changed things for me. I’m actually able to get to my clients on time.”

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