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Inside the creative world of Trone

What’s your favorite thing in your office that you turn to when you need inspiration?


Whenever I am thinking, my hands automatically reach for some little toy knick-knack to busy my digits. Research has shown that you can liberate your right brain if you can occupy your hands, which is a way to keep your mind distracted while thinking. So I keep nearby a pile of dime store toys collected through the years for just such a purpose.

How does your space reflect your ideal work environment?


I believe inspiration comes from within. It is the culmination of all we are, all we have experienced. What we need to be able to do, as someone who creates for a living, is tap into that inner source. That means being relaxed and open. The ideal work environment for me is relatively uncluttered, lots of good light, a view of a sky to gaze off into. It’s basically a blank canvas on which to paint with your imagination.


What would someone who knows you well but has never been to your office find most surprising upon seeing your workspace for the first time?


I have five albums framed on my wall, some that date back to my teen years. That music represents positive emotion, good feelings. You have to be in that mental space to create.


Martin Buchanan

[email protected]

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