Inbox Insider: Mobile and e-mail are no longer different channels

E-mail and mobile are getting more and more linked together and e-mail marketers should be thinking like mobile marketers as well. At today’s Mobile Marketing conference hosted by the Mobile Marketing Association, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, spoke about their in-depth mobile marketing efforts and programs, and of course, e-mail came up.

MGM, who does a lot of short code SMS related campaigns, has found that a lot of users are reading their e-mail on the mobile phone. Since their e-mails contain a lot of rich media that can only be read on an iPhone, the brand now includes a link at the top of each e-mail that reads, click here for mobile users.

The mobile users are then connected to read the content in a way that is formatted for the mobile phone, which makes the user experience a lot better. After all, they can actually read the e-mail. It also makes the marketer data better, because after all if you use e-mail to survey your customers about where they are at and how they are accessing your brand, then you can refine your customer data and send them messaging more targeted to the channels that they use.

For example, MGM can use this information to then send e-mails with information about how to book a hotel room through an SMS shortcode. As our phones get more data laden, e-mail and mobile are no longer different channels.

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