Improve your customer data and your ROI

Marketers have the best chance to strengthen their brands and boost sales when their messages are properly delivered. However, improving the quality of existing customer data – particularly with up-to-date email addresses – is sometimes a daunting task.

Industry studies show that more than 30% of e-mails can change in a single year. The good news is that using data hygiene and enhancement options enable marketers to communicate online with their prime audience, significantly helping reduce acquisition costs and improving your ROI.

Permission and Privacy Matter

Make sure the data are compliant with state and national laws. When collecting information your privacy policy should be easily viewed throughout the registration process. And, when working with e-mail data providers ensure they provide accurate, useable data points and any opt-out/opt-in information, especially the date, time and location of the action.

Quality Connections

Knowing what data to use and how to use it is paramount. How would you like to buy 10,000,000 e-mail addresses for $500? Sound to good to be true? It is! Scams like these only get you, your employer or client into trouble. The greatest return on your investment is going to come from your best prospects and customers.

E-mail append is a valuable method to increase the number of e-mail addresses, enabling marketers to increase the frequency of communications with their best prospects and customers at a low cost per contact. Frequent communication offers a better opportunity to reach your prospects at the right time – when they are “in market” to buy. To increase your e-mail addresses and e-mail append rates, clean data yields high match rates, resulting in successful email programs.

Only have e-mail addresses? Then try reverse appending your e-mail addresses. Reverse appends provide offline access to online prospects and customers.

Data Management

Just like adding mass media with enough GRPs within the market lifts direct mail response rates, so does adding e-mail to your direct mail programs. In recent separate tests a well known non-profit and a consumer direct marketer experienced between a 15%-20% lift in their direct mail response rates by adding email to their direct mail programs.

Try testing email and direct mail to the same individuals or households, and see what kind of lift you enjoy.

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