iMarketing News Print, Online Editions Merged Into DM News

Courtenay Communications, publisher of the newspapers DM News, iMarketing News and related online properties, announced this week that iMarketing News has ceased publication as an independent newspaper and will reappear May 6 as a weekly section of DM News, “The Newspaper of Direct Marketing.”

As part of the consolidation, 10,000 non-duplicated names from iMarketing News' BPA-audited circulation list have been transferred to the DM News circulation, resulting in a 25 percent increase in DM News' audited circulation, from 40,000 to 50,000. Advertisers who switch to DM News or continue in DM News will not be charged for the additional circulation, according to the announcement.

Courtenay Communications CEO Adrian Courtenay indicated that iMarketing News originated as a section in DM News, and its return to DM News acknowledges the market reality that Internet marketing has been incorporated into direct and general marketing — and is now an integral part of the marketing mix by marketers from every sector.

“With the added circulation and editorial input from iMarketing News, DM News will be a stronger and more cost-effective advertising medium for direct marketing and Internet marketing suppliers than ever before,” Courtenay said. “All of our readers are interested in direct marketing, e-mail marketing, Web marketing, database marketing, ad targeting, CRM and all of the other concepts and disciplines that are intertwined in direct marketing and Internet marketing.”

iMarketing News' editor Ken Magill, highly respected as a journalist and commentator by Internet marketers, will stay on with DM News and contribute regular commentaries and news reports, both in the general news pages and in the dedicated iMarketing News section.

DM News, founded in 1979, is widely recognized as “The Newspaper of Record for Direct Marketers” and has been the leader in its field in advertising pages for many years, traditionally carrying more ad pages than its next four or five competitors combined. In its best year, 2000, DM News carried more than 4,000 ad pages.

In related developments, iMarketing News Daily, the e-mail newsletter published as an online edition of iMarketing News, will henceforth be joined with DM News Daily under the combined title DM News-iMarketing News Daily. The former iMarketing News Web site,, will refer visitors to the DM News site,

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