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Hurricane Rita: Service Updates

The Gulf Coast regions of Texas and Louisiana are being affected by Hurricane Rita, which crossed the Florida Keys on Tuesday. Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for Galveston, TX; Lake Charles, LA; and surrounding areas.

The following are updates from major carriers:


· All drop shipments into Texas three-digit ZIP code ranges 770, 773, 774 and 775 are suspended until further notice due to the mandatory evacuations in these areas.

· Drop shipments destined for ZIP codes 773, 774 and 775 can be dropped at the North Houston Processing & Distribution Center at 4600 Aldine Bender Road, Houston, TX 77315. Drop shipments destined for ZIP code 770 can be dropped at the Houston GPO, 401 Franklin St., Houston, TX 77201.

· Drop shipments into Texas three-digit ZIP codes 779, 783, 784 and 785 are suspended due to mandatory evacuations. Redirect these shipments to SCF 782, San Antonio.

The USPS said mailers with questions regarding drop-shipment suspensions or redirections should contact their Business Service Network representatives.

· Retail and delivery service in these three-digit Texas ZIP code ranges are suspended: 773, 774, 775, 779, 783, 784 and 785.

· All South Florida District offices are operational.

The USPS said suspensions remain a “dynamic situation, and we will be posting system changes as they occur and based on both weather conditions and in accordance with instructions from Houston officials.”

For more information, visit www.usps.com.

FedEx: Services and operations including pickups, deliveries and retail locations in the affected areas may be impaired, with shipments being delayed and services possibly suspended in those areas. Consistent with the provisions of the FedEx Service Guide, the FedEx money-back guarantees are not in effect for shipments in the affected areas at this time. For more information, visit www.fedex.com.

UPS: Services including scheduled pickup, delivery and On-Call Pickup Services in the affected areas may be delayed or suspended. The hurricane may also affect the scheduled hours at UPS customer centers. In accordance with UPS terms and conditions, service guarantees will not apply where transportation networks are disrupted. For more information, visit www.ups.com.

DHL: Effective Sept. 22, service centers in Houston and Victoria, TX, were closed, affecting ZIP code areas 770, 772 and 775. On Sept. 23, the following service centers will be closed: Beaumont, TX; College Station, TX; Houston; Lake Charles, LA; and Lufkin, TX.

DHL services in Monroe County, FL, remain suspended until further notice as a result of flooding caused by Hurricane Rita. This affects service to ZIP codes 33001, 33036, 33037, 33040, 33042, 33050, 33052 and 33070.

ShipReady orders may experience delays.

In accordance with DHL terms and conditions, service guarantees will not apply to the affected service areas at this time. For more information, visit www.dhl-usa.com.

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