Hunger Games satisfies fans’ appetite

The social media campaign surrounding The Hunger Games movie was about as cool and integrated as marketing campaigns can be. The marketers at Lionsgate leveraged each social network individually — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr — to get the most punch for their targeted efforts. They used The Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins as a guide, knowing that the author’s superfans would eagerly participate in online activities related to the movie.

The marketers created a website,, on which Facebook and Twitter users become citizens of a fictional district in which the Hunger Games takes place. Once registered, users are engaged based on information in their profile, which creates a social and highly personalized experience.

Some users were assigned to become leaders of their communities or district recruiters, expanding on the fan base and buzz. This social media team knew how to do exactly what Katniss, the movie’s heroine does: Take aim and strike a target.

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