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How to market more effectively with video this holiday season

As you gear up for the lucrative holiday season, now’s a good time to add product videos to your website. It’s a good idea to attract attention to your products with video, just at the time of year when shoppers are searching for holiday purchases. 

Videos can steer traffic away from the competition and improve your own site’s stickiness. They also do wonders for viral marketing. In addition, customers who view videos are shown to be 85% more likely to convert, according to our own research. So, how do you go about adding videos and ensuring they’ll be effective?

Start small.  If you have thousands of products, start by creating videos for your top sellers, or the products you’ll be promoting during the holidays. 

Keep them short.  Product videos should run less than a minute, but this can vary depending on product complexity. At any rate, they should not run longer than 90 seconds.

Use voice-overs and text. Voice-overs can help you highlight certain features of a product, or promote sales.  Text can help increase the impact of your video – especially if it’s in red.

Add appropriate background music. The type of music will vary depending on your audience and the product – for instance, relaxed music works well for high-end and luxury items, and high-energy or rock music works for sports items and apparel. 

Use an automated video platform.  Full-production videos are costly and time-intensive to create.  Use an automated video platform to quickly create hundreds of videos by combining stock photography with music, text and voice-overs.

Perform A/B tests. Try a couple different versions of the same video and see which performs best. That wayyou can determine if voice-overs or text enhance its performance, or what type of music (if any) is most appealing to your customers.

“Decorate” your videos for the holidays. Create a more engaging customer experience by giving your videos special holiday appeal – add holiday music or jingle bells, display decorative trim around the edges, or create a pop-up elf that delivers the voice-over.

Include video in your search results.  Include an icon next to products in the search results that indicates the availability of a video.  This makes it easier for customers to find and view them, and improves the chances that they’ll make a purchase.

Incorporate video into marketing campaigns. Include product videos in email marketing, social media and SEO campaigns to improve ROI.  Place video links directly in email messages, or upload videos to YouTube, which can increase organic search traffic to your site.

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