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How Marketers Can Use Salesmsg to Collect Better Customer Data

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Frankly, businesses that are still relying on calls and voicemail to reach customers and prospects are behind the times. Voicemail is dead, and your reliance on it sends a message that you haven’t kept up with communication trends. It also makes customers more likely to write you off as being irrelevant.

Customers are texting as their preferred method of communication, and Salesmsg helps businesses meet their customers where they are.

The startup has a sales tool that easily integrates with CRMs, allowing businesses to qualify leads faster and generate higher ROIs. Keep reading to learn how you can put Salesmsg to work for you and gather customer information that could grow your business.

How does Salesmsg work?

Salesmsg facilitates sending and receiving text messages to customers through the internet, letting you finally stop communicating with them using your personal number.

It also allows for personalizing text with merge fields from your existing CRM. Customize contact details and add calls-to-action that trigger responses. Integration with third-party marketing providers — like HubSpot, Marketo, Pipedrive, and Salesforce — is also possible.

Automate outbound texts to save time, and even let customers send pictures in response. That capability is particularly helpful if you’re running an image-based promotional campaign and want people to text images to a dedicated number to enter a contest.

Hassle-free data collection and retrieval

Salesmsg keeps a running record of past text-based chats with customers, so you can easily refer to those previous conversations. Your CRM automatically gets updated with associated notes and activity records. Grab customer email addresses, names, and any other useful tidbits from the text and integrate it into your CRM, too.

Thanks to a handy search interface on the left side of the chat window, you can quickly find specific information captured in Salesmsg.

Purpose-built for marketing professionals and sales teams

Because Salesmsg lets marketers communicate with potential or current customers in a way that’s familiar to them, it allows marketers to easily build rapport and create conversions. Customers love texting, and you’ll love making the instantaneous connections it provides.

Salesmsg also works with other tools you may already be using to streamline the workday, such as Zapier. Using Zapier with Salesmsg offers an additional automation option that lets you cut down on repetitive tasks.

Salesmsg is built for sales teams, and that’s evident through its many features, such as unique phone numbers for each team member. Think of Salesmsg as one of many ways to connect with customers.

How might you benefit from Salesmsg?

All scenarios are different, so it’s impossible to predict the precise ways that texting customers through Salesmsg might grow your business. However, judging from user reviews, you can expect noticeable gains.

“We saw immediate ROI in the first week,” a review from Automation Heroes founder Patrick Conley reads on the Salesmsg website. “Our team finds it incredibly easy to use, and the possibilities with workflows and app integrations are endless. This is the app we’ve been dreaming aboutafter months of manually using other phone line services that didn’t integrate with our CRM. It’s a NO BRAINER!”

No matter what you sell, Salesmsg makes it possible to gather data through a popular communication method. Straightforward integration with your CRM interface lets you compile that data and use it to your company’s advantage.

Data management is complex, but Salesmsg puts it at your fingertips.

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