How is the direct marketing job market changing with the current economy?

The market is very different from a year ago. There are many more active job seekers and fewer opportunities. Within the direct marketing industry, high growth segments of the market include e-mail, analytics, research, digital media, SEO/SEM and other online marketing positions. If you have these skills, there is still a strong demand. If you have been on the offline side of the business, there are still companies that are hiring, but not as many.

There are still opportunities out there to go after, online or offline, but you must be fully prepared to get them, since competition is stronger than ever.

First, a well written and highly marketable résumé is a must. It amazes me that people spend so little time on making their résumés a marketing and sales docu­ment of themselves. This is your first shot as getting noticed — you must put your best foot forward.

Next, interviewing skills are critical. You should get yourself a good interview­ing book and practice your responses out loud. You will be amazed at how much stronger your responses will get after a few times with the same question. Also, create a list of why the company should hire you and make sure you clearly articulate these points throughout your interview.

Lastly, your attitude and demeanor will make or break the interview. Whether you are in the market without a job, or just looking to make a career change, everyone wants to hire a positive, energetic and personable candidate. Bringing a fabulous attitude and energy will make you well liked and well regarded for any available position, any day.

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