How do I improve the quality of the applicants I am getting for my technology-related positions?

The key to enticing these individuals is to post your positions on a network that offers enhanced privacy, as these candidates are typically concerned about their existing employer finding out that they are looking for an­other job, or that their personal data will be compromised.

Another effective approach is to develop your employment brand for IT profes­sionals. Encourage internal IT employees to develop whitepapers that help other IT professionals do their jobs better. Post the whitepaper on your company Web site and embed a link.

You can also tap into your company’s marketing organization. Most corpo­rate marketing departments have invested time and money into building their company’s database for direct marketing purposes. Why not collaborate with marketing to target those individuals that have opted in to receive additional correspondence from the company and invite them to look at available job opportunities? This also provides a great opportunity for companies to extend their brands through recruiting efforts.

Lastly, be clear about what you’re looking for. Often technology recruiters mis­match potential employees to positions because they don’t fully understand what the employer is looking for or what the employee has to offer. Obvious mismatch­ing can be very frustrating for the recruiter and the talent. There are new online recruiting tools that help supercharge the recruiting process through job profiling and a multipoint structured data approach. This allows talent to create detailed profiles that include skills, work experience and education, which match, score and rank against your company’s job requirements.

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