How can I better use the Web to attract and retain candidates?

As the war for talent rages and the economy leaves clients seeking speed-to-market advantage, we are all faced with attracting — and staffing — our companies with the best of the best.

In an on-demand world, you need to be accessible 24/7 to potential candi­dates. The first place any candidate will go for information is the Web. Your Web site should offer candidates a glimpse of what life with your company will look like. Share company information, what makes your organization unique, and make open positions easy to find and inquire about. Make sure you address one of the most important things — is it a great place to live? Be sure your candidates know what the environment around the office has to offer. Mil­lennials, especially, choose companies based on location above all else. Quality of life is at the top of their list.

Consider the concept of reverse recruiting. If your site comes up in a search for an art event, it may draw candidates with an interest in art.

Keep potential candidates engaged and make it personal. The Web is central in recruiting, but never abandon the obvious need for personal connections. Once you have attracted candidates’ attention, be sure to keep them engaged through­out the process. Listening is the gateway to respect and connection. Be respectful of the candidate’s time. Establish personal interaction and genuine dialogue from the start — and don’t go limp halfway through the process. Candidates should be at ease freely sharing their qualifications and also feel knowledgeable about your company’s culture. And most importantly, candidates should leave knowing their time was valued — whether or not they are a fit for your company.

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