How brands can participate in trending conversations on social media

Last Friday, eyes across the world were glued to Twitter and other social media platforms as the #SFBatKid’s journey to save San Francisco unfolded. People didn’t just watch – they talked, they praised, and they joined one of the greatest conversations to ever take place online. The Wall Street Journal reported:

The creators of the campaign have calculated 500,000 individual tweets using the official #sfbatkid and the unofficial #batkid hashtags, generating over 1.7 billion impressions.

So, did you join in the conversation?

I spend a lot of my time helping clients develop a clear strategy for social media, but sometimes, when major (or just plain captivating) events take place, you have to stop with your plans, and join the conversation. After all, that’s what social media is all about. It opens the doors for communications more than any other medium of marketing.

With this particular event, social media allowed the world to follow a really special local effort of a city. It turned that very local effort into a national event because people kept joining the conversation. It started with a plan that included a dedicated hashtag, dedicated twitter handles, some media attention, and thanks to the power of social media, it capped off with a special video message from the President.

On that day, we encouraged most of our clients to join the conversation, and all of them saw RTs and engagement with their social media communities, and many gained new followers.

So even if your business is small, and you think your tweet or post won’t matter, take the time to be a part of major conversations. Search for trending topics and daily headlines, and add to the conversation. It can go a long way in building your fan base organically.

The #SFBatKid day should also act a great reminder that businesses large or small should always be thinking of how to incorporate social media into events and initiatives. Make a Wish San Francisco is a small business, and they had barely thought about social media being a part of this event until an agency brought them an idea. With some planning and the right story, social media can bring you invaluable PR results.

Read more about the #SFBatKid social media plan here.

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