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Google teams with Digitas on mobile research

Google has partnered with digital agency Digitas to produce mobile marketing analysis and consumer research, the companies said May 16.

Google and Digitas will use search and marketing data to provide mobile insights for both marketers and consumers. Although Google said future analysis could include display advertising, the work between the two companies is now limited to mobile. The first result of the companies’ collaboration examined mobile search trends related to Mother’s Day.

“Digitas brings mobile website and other data to the table, as well as analysis and insights. Our unique perspective as an agency in understanding consumer behavior and our clients’ goals makes us the ideal partner with Google to help drive brand opportunities and help move the industry forward,” said Colin Kinsella, president of North America at Digitas, via email. “We’ll be bringing our own clients in for research, collaboration and first looks.”

Asked if Google will partner with other agencies on similar initiatives, a spokesperson said the company has “nothing new to announce” on similar partnerships or extending its work with Digitas to other marketing channels.

“We’re always working to provide original insights to help marketers improve campaigns and help the broader public understand these mobile trends,” said the spokesperson.

On May 11, Google debuted Think Insights, a website offering digital marketing research and analysis.

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