Google launches new AdSense for video ads

Google launched a beta version of AdSense for vid­eo on February 21. According to the official Google blog, the goals of the video beta program are to help publishers monetize the videos on their sites and to assist advertisers who want to extend their reach into the online video community. Google did not provide comment for this story.

The company said the beta program utilizes text overlay ads and the same non-intrusive InVideo ad format as Google’s property YouTube. The text overlay ads are contextually targeted to signals in the videos and the page where it is posted, according to Google. It also said it has been working with a num­ber of video partners as well as video advertising networks.

“It’s an added benefit to the users of our ad and stream plat­form as it opens up the door for additional revenue,” said Dan Schere, VP of publisher relations at Tremor Media, a network that has inserted Google’s video ads into in its platforms. “It’s [also] easy for publishers to access all the revenue that’s out there for their video content.”

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