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Engaging online audiences supports brand awareness and circulation

Publishers today face many challenges. Circulation for most print publications is on the decline. Readers are turning to online resources when they would normally open a magazine or newspaper. What can publishers do to boost their circulation while creating new revenue streams?

Most publishers have Web sites closely affiliated with their publications, but few are using their Web properties to their full potential. Publishers need to take a closer look at how their Web sites can offer valuable and unique content that will help them build brand awareness and reach niche audiences — all of which can have an impact on supporting circulation efforts.

One of the most effective ways to capitalize on the traffic already visiting your Web property without capital investments or a site overhaul is to find creative ways to present consumers with relevant, engaging offers and promotions from leading brands — commonly known as lead generation. Many publishers are unaware of the dozens of hidden opportunities for presenting these attractive (mostly free) offers to their visitors at various points of action during the user’s typical site interaction. Just think of being able to offer savings, samples or specials on products relevant to your users. This can be done at no cost, with minimal IT investment, and without taking the user off of the site if publishers partner with the right provider.

The quickest and easiest way for publishers to earn incremental revenue from their site traffic is to partner with an online lead generation provider that gives them access to flexible tools, advanced technology and name-brand lead generation promotions. The top providers in this space can custom build a solution to meet individual site goals. Working with such a partner promotes immediate, long-term profits by connecting publishers to a broad selection of leading advertisers across several vertical markets.

Presenting your online audience with ads and offers targeted to their specific interests enhances their online experience and helps build brand trust. You can use the same tools and technologies to poll your online readers and learn more about their specific interests and preferences. The most successful publications today are targeting niche audiences, whether in print or online. By engaging your readers online and learning more about them, you’ll gain the insight you need to strike the optimal balance between online and print that will help support your circulation growth objectives.

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