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Doubledown Media doubles its magazine titles

Publisher, Doubledown Media, has acquired Private Air magazine from deFine Ink, LLC. It has also announced that it will launch a new publication, Corporate Leader, this fall.

Airplane owners, as well as people who purchase jets on a fractional basis receive Private Air. Corporate Leader will be targeted toward CEO’s, CFO’s and other members of the “C-Suite.”

Both titles will debut with a qualified, controlled circulation of 100,000.

New York based-Doubledown publishes Trader Monthly and Dealmaker magazines. Each publication also has a qualified, controlled circulation of 100,000.

Trader Monthly is read by financial market traders and hedge fund managers, while Dealmaker is targeted to investment bankers, private equity professionals, venture capitalist and corporate dealmakers.

They can be found at www.tradermonthly and www.dealmakerdaily.com respectively.

Additionally, Trader Monthly is published in the U.K. in partnership with the Wall Street Journal Europe where it has a circulation of 50,000.

Dealmaker will launch there as well this fall with a 50,000 circulation to its market.

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