Do’s and Don’ts: Insert Media

There are lots of choices when it comes to implementing insert media programs, especially as more marketers choose this channel for its affordable yet high-exposure options. Two insert media experts share their thoughts on what you should and shouldn’t do if you want to see success with inserts.

Jim Glaser, account executive, Leon Henry Inc.

DO: Leverage current economic conditions by promoting value-based offers

With consumers’ purse string tighter then ever, an effective way of converting leads to orders is to employ insert strategies that convey a strong message of savings. Marketers are accomplishing this by offering more enticing premiums, product bundles, smaller continuity club commitments and free shipping.

DON’T: Expect instant success from your initial test campaign

Testing the insert channel is a long-term strategy, not a quick decision-making option.

The obvious questions after the initial test campaign: Can the creative be optimized?  Should the offer strategy be tweaked? Is there room for rate negotiation?  Is the offer really speaking to my core audience? Two to three rounds of testing and offer/creative refinement will eventually flesh out most response related issues.

Cindy Karamitis, senior vice president, Singer Direct

Do: Use a seasoned broker

Make sure to choose a seasoned broker familiar with program stability, market conditions, historic performance, program nuances, source mix, optimal specs, unique insert/sampling opportunities and strong industry relationships. Also, you can inquire about mailer/program owner endorsement for increased results.

Don’t: Assume on-time distribution

Unfortunately, you can’t always assume your inserts have been distributed on time.
Assume pieces have been distributed on time.  Fluctuations in shipment counts can occur due to seasonality, market conditions, product availability, and warehousing reorganizations. So make sure to stay in touch with your insert media partner to be certain you have the latest information.

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