DMN: A Change is Coming

Dear Readers,

The space we cover has been changing fast. 

That’s an under-statement. It’s actually changing faster by the day. We’ve had to change with it. We said a fond farewell to “Direct Marketing News” a while back.  We became DMN, where we tell the story of data, technology, and strategy, as it relates to marketing — and increasingly to the whole customer experience.

We needed to change some other things too, like the look and feel of our online and newsletter content. We’ll be re-launching the website tomorrow, Tuesday June 12. We hope the transition will be smooth, we’ve planned for the transition to be smooth, but we’ll still be painting in a few things around the edges in the days to come.

The new site will continue to feature the latest articles on innovations in marketing tech and strategy, case studies and interviews, as well as our podcast series. And we’ll continue to send out daily, weekly, and monthly newsletters to our subscribers.

But it will all look different, fresh, new, and easier — that’s our intention — to navigate. We look forward to hearing your feedback; and if there any technical blips along the way, we’re sure you’ll understand. We have prepared content for you to enjoy tomorrow, and we’ll see you on the other side.

DMN Editorial Team

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