DM News’ Essential Guide to E-Mail Marketing: Make Mom Happy: Send Meaningful E-Mail

My mother has been – and still is – a powerful person in my life, and I’ll bet you feel the same about yours. Moms are not only important as individuals, but as consumers they have more power than ever, as they control 80 percent of all U.S. household spending. That represents $1.6 trillion.

But when you ask moms about the e-mail marketing they receive, as Lucid Marketing and BSM Media did, it becomes clear that brand marketers do not deliver what they want. Moms exhibit considerable discontent with the e-mails received from some companies of which they are customers. They want and expect messages that are relevant and specific to their personal and family needs.

Half of those we surveyed said companies would gain more purchases if they sent a regular e-mail that made their lives easier. Two-thirds said they spend more money with companies that send useful, relevant e-mail messages that meet their needs.

Moms are active e-mail users, too. E-mail has become part of their routine, no longer delegated as entertainment. Moms check their accounts throughout the day and spend nearly an hour and a half doing so. Almost half of moms surveyed value e-mail as their preferred means of communication, nearly tied with the telephone.

Commercial e-mail marketing is an influencer for purchase decisions, too. When a mom gets a message she finds valuable, she likely will share it with others. More than half the time she will choose to make a purchase through an offline channel as a result of receiving an e-mail that she found valuable. This implies that moms are comfortable purchasing online when presented with appealing offers and will do so almost half the time.

We think opportunities exist for marketers who can use e-mail effectively to deliver resources and relevant information to moms. Here are three strategies to connect with moms:

Deliver value. Moms are driven in their purchases by the priority to be great moms. Anyone who is a parent understands the complexities of raising children, and moms are excellent at identifying and using online resources that help.

So become a resource. It will go a long way, but value also can be provided in the form of relevant content, appropriate offers connecting moms with other moms, or value-related ideas specific to your brand. Businesses need to think creatively to identify what will work best for their customers who are moms.

A warning: Very few brands can rely on product offers as the exclusive elements of the value proposition; unfortunately, this seems to be most popular plan.

Provide convenience. Moms are time-starved, multitasking machines. They are stressed and pressured for time and trying to balance a home and work life. They constantly look for tools that help them with balance and to be more efficient.

Consider these facts when designing how to present, promote and purchase products from your business. Make it easy and fast for her. Brands that do this will get her attention.

Make an emotional impact. Communications that evoke a positive emotional experience are very effective in positioning your brand in their minds. Most businesses are product-centric in nature and know little about their customers.

When you show a mom that you are interested in her and what she means to your business, again, you will get her attention. And if the emotional experience is one that is shared along with her child, you have achieved something special.

When moms feel they are receiving personalized e-mail messages from a business that understands them, they will appreciate the brand, make time for it and spend more money with that company.

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