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Direct mail experts predict direct mail usage will increase in 2010, but that mail volumes are not likely to reach levels last seen just a few years ago.

With the economy still at the top of the priority list, green marketing concerns about paper use and energy for delivery will continue to play second fiddle, at least until the economy recovers.

Industry experts also predict marketers will more frequently combine the use of direct mail with other forms of media, such as Web-based customer-specific offers, with the original call to action promoted through the direct mail piece.

“There will be claims made by some in the industry that they are offering marketing services, and in some cases they will mean it, and in some cases it will be empty words,” says David Henkel, president of Johnson & Quin.

Industry pros also expect to see consolidation of the direct mail supplier base continue, with firms making acquisitions in the space despite the weak economic picture.

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