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Direct Mail Flat, 10,001-100,000 pieces


Operational Effectiveness

Agency: Archibald Ingall Stretton
Client: O2

Judges agreed that this campaign showed “terrific insight into IT workers.” It included C4 envelopes addressed to IT directors with spoof job titles, such as “Dealing with Dropped Mobiles in Tea Manager,” that illustrated the time-consuming nature of managing mobile phones. A business card inside detailed how UK mobile phone and broadband provider O2 could solve the problem. The personalized reverse side showed the job title, “Director of Just Doing What I Should Be Doing” to emphasize how O2 could benefit IT directors. “Brilliant concept, simple idea,” said one judge. “For busy, multi-hat-wearing IT professionals, they couldn’t make the message any clearer or louder,” noted another judge. “The business card title was brilliant.” A third judge described the overall campaign as “simple and witty.” The agency reported a response rate well above the client’s expectation, and service conversion of 525 sales (15% of the target audience), with 35% of the target being cold prospects.

Creative Director
Matt Morley-Brown

Art Director
Spencer White

Andy O’Carroll


3 Mode Car, 3 Mode Letter

Agency: Elvis Communications
Client: Honda

One judge called this three-mode letter demonstrating the sports, economy and normal modes of the Honda CR-Z “magic coming out of an envelope.” Three pieces of copy, each focusing on one of the car’s modes, were printed on clear acetate with a picture of the car. Woven together, they give a sense of one car. When spread apart, three different colored cars are revealed. “Clear and smart,” said another judge.

Creative Director
John Treacy

Lindsey DeBeer

Art Director
Ben Barnes

Keith Moodie

The Haiku

Agency: OgilvyOne Frankfurt
Client: C. Josef Lam

This German campaign featuring a haiku to promote a minimalist pen created by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa was praised by one judge as “intelligent, clever and simple.” The haiku in the direct mail piece parallels the pen’s formal, reduced design while also recognizing the designer’s heritage. Nearly 11% of the targeted addresses responded and placed an order (total volume of $78,000).

Creative Director
Dieter Denk

Art Director
Ulrike Blum

Kirsten Rollig

Let us Give You a Hug!

Agency: OgilvyOne Frankfurt
Client: Bundesvereinigung Lebenshilfe

“A piece of paper offering you a hug — wonderful and cute,” said one judge of this mailing that helped generate donations for Bundesvereinigung, a German charity for the mentally disabled. Eschewing negativity in favor of positive messaging differentiated the campaign. The agency said the focus on a symbolic hug triggered a “spontaneous donation impulse” from more of the target audience than expected.

Creative Director
Dieter Denk

Kirsten Rollig

Art Director
Ulrike Blum

See Behind Without Turning

Agency: Wunderman Vienna
Client: Land Rover Austria

In order to communicate that rear view cameras are standard in new Range Rovers, this team used mirror image writing on translucent paper. When audiences held the letter to a light source, they could read it without turning it around. The agency reported that the pack cost less than 50 cents per direct mail piece, and it received an 8.5% response rate.

Executive Creative Director
Tom Krutt

Creative Director Art
Silvia Rodler

Graphic Design
Julia Deinhamer

Creative Director
Gerd Haselsteiner


Carte Noire Readers

Agency: Arc UK
Client: Kraft

This UK effort invited women to try Carte Noire coffee while listening to famous actors reading aloud from novels online. A book-cover envelope contained what appeared to be a page torn from a book with a personalized story describing how the recipient could enjoy an online reading with Joseph Fiennes.
Results included 8% coupon redemption and 2,000 website visits on the day the direct mail piece arrived.

Creative Director
Garry Munns

Art Director
Lindi Radomsky

Karen Reed

Actual Size

Agency: Big Communications
Client: Mercury Energy

A mailer using the idea that premature babies are about the same size as an envelope helped get New Zealanders to join Mercury Energy’s Star Supporters Club, a customer donation program benefitting pediatric healthcare. “We used this fact to literally put a baby in the recipient’s hands,” the agency said.  
Results included a 3.05% response rate — triple previous response rates and more than double the goal.

Creative Director
Joe Holden

Deputy CD
Isaac Thackray

Art Directors
Tom Etuata, Guy Johnson

BlackBerry DM

Agency: Chemistry Communications Group
Client: Orange Communications

This UK piece playfully communicated the benefits of a BlackBerry Internet service bundle by using an envelope that looked like a Christmas card with a handwritten letter inside from the recipient’s BlackBerry pleading to let it use the Internet and e-mail. The campaign generated 448 responses (1.94% response rate), double the target for direct communications to the client’s base, with a conversion volume of 329 (1.43%).

Executive Creative Director
Pete Harle

Art Director
Jacob Lawson

Collette Boardman


Ardbeg Rollercoaster – Roll up! Roll up!
Client: The Glenmorangie Company
Agency: Story
CD: Dave Mullen

Get Your Numbers Up

Client: Sensis Yellow Pages
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Proximity Melbourne
ECD: James McGrath

Real Stories – Letter

Client: TVNZ (TV ONE)
Agency: Colenso BBDO
ECD: Nick Worthington

Pull the Plug

Client: Vodafone Hutchison Australia
Agency: Clemenger
Proximity Sydney
CD: Glenn Chandler

New Ship Smell

Client: P&O Cruises
Agency: BMF
ECD: Dylan Taylor

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