DC Comics makes purchasing comics and graphic novels easy

DC Comics’ e-commerce platform is elegant and simple, unlike the complex stories of DC superheroes Batman, The Flash and Superman.

DC has done a good job of staying relevant as a brand. DC’s website has a clean, yet compelling design, with big, punchy images — POW! ZAP! — that are clickable and lead to the company’s online store.

Once the images are clicked, visitors on the website are taken to a page full of user ratings and (with one more click through) the ability to buy the comic or other product. Yes, it may be one or two clicks too many by some e-commerce standards. Yet, it seems that this may just show that DC gets its audience. Batman fanatics are just that: fanatic. And Wonder Woman devotees are loyal.

Potential buyers are given the option to buy a subscription to a comic or a single print. Subscription purchases appeal to the most loyal customers, so capturing them at the point-of-sale is key. DC’s website has clear goals: Entertain and entice the potential customer, and drive the visitor to a sale.

And that is — dare we say it — a truly super setting for e-commerce.

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