Danish/Norwegian Postal Messaging System Launches

IDP, an e-messaging solutions provider, debuted a new messaging system yesterday that combines traditional postal delivery services with e-mail, fax and short messaging services.

IDP, Copenhagen, also announced it has changed its name to ErgoIDP after the company completed its merger with ErgoGroup, one of Norway's largest IT groups. IDP was previously owned by nine national postal administrations.

According to ErgoIDP, the new system will allow individuals to decide whether they would like to receive an account statement, an invoice or another type of message as a letter, an SMS message, a fax, or an e-mail independent of the form in which the message was sent. ErgoIDP's new system will also be able to detect whether a message sent by e-mail has been opened by the receiver. If the e-mail has not been opened after a certain number of days, the letter can be withdrawn and redirected in another form – such as a letter or a fax.

The system will be ready later this year, and currently ErgoIDP is marketing ket the new messaging system to the postal industry.

“Postal operators are looking for new ways to make profits and to maintain customers,” said Nils Overgaard, president/CEO, ErgoIDP. “Our system makes it possible to combine electronic and physical delivery and thereby safeguard the operator's future business”

Overgaard, however, said there is a growing interest in this type of solution from companies in the public sector and in the telecommunication and the financial services industries, where electronic communications are gaining more and more ground.

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