Creative Search Media releases interactive marketing services

Interactive marketing firm Creative Search Media has released four emerging media marketing services: CapTive Digital Media Advertising; PromoTive Viral and Social Media Marketing; AddicTive Email and eCRM; and MoTive Mobile Marketing.

Each service allows advertisers to track consumer behavior in their respective medium.

Julia Hyde, CEO and founder of Creative Search Media said that the services are meant to be used together. With CapTive and MoTive, consumers will see quick response (QR) codes, similar to barcodes, on digital signage advertisements. Users with smartphones who download and install an open source reader, such as the Kaywa Reader, can take a photograph of the code. This action will bring the user to the product’s or retailer’s landing page, where they may find information on the product, an option to buy online or a coupon to be used in-store. 

“We can now know exactly which screens are effective at what time of day the leads are generated,” Hyde said. “So from an advertiser’s perspective, it’s a dream because it’s so trackable.”

Creative Search Media is using social media focusing on generating buzz and consumer education to get the word out on this technology. QR codes from retailers can also be sent to consumers via e-mail.

No clients have been signed on yet. The firm is targeting midsize companies such as retailers, hotels and real estate companies. 

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