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Create Buzz and Conversation in a Social Media Community

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As a marketer, it can be hard to really break through the surface. Or feel like you’re really making any impact with your social media community, let alone your content. With so much online traffic and so many different options of who to follow and what to post and where to look, it can be overwhelming, to say the least.

The following are just a few tips and guidelines for creating real buzz and conversation in your social media community.

Step 1: St0p Imitating

The first step to gaining any traction on social media is to stop the imitation game. The only way you’re really going to have success at making a buzz online is if you’re different. If you’re trying to model your account or copy content styles from other sources, you can usually kiss your chance at popularity online goodbye. 

Viewers and audiences today are smart, and they know who is legit in their efforts to represent their brand. They can tell when something is nothing more than a “knockoff” version of another person or brand’s content. Playing the imitation game when it comes to social media is likely going to do you more harm than good in the long run.

Step 2: Stay Relevant and Up to Date

The second step may seem like a contradiction to the prior one, but it is not. Step two is to stay relevant and up to date with what is currently trending on social media. Here, you want to pay attention and stay aware of recent fads online in order to create content that people want to see and care about.

It allows you to know exactly what people (primarily, your target audience) care about right now. If you’re posting yesterday’s trends, people are going to write you off immediately as irrelevant. Every marketer’s worst nightmare. 

Step 3: Creating an Impact

The third step to creating an impact in the social media community is to be real. Today, the most successful brands and influencers are the ones that let viewers see the real them. They take away filters and edits and scripts; they simply show their life as it is. This is what people are desperately craving to see. They are sick of the fake and overly filtered content they’ve already been exposed to for years. So, they want to see something that relates to them and that they can fit into the truth of their life.

By showing a more “real” side of yourself or your brand in what you post, audiences are more likely to notice you. Plus, share your content with others. Additionally, they’re going to respect you more for your authenticity. 

Step 4: Break the Rules

The fourth and final step to creating a buzz online is to break the rules. No video or post has ever gone viral for being normal or mundane. The best and most popular content on social media is full of risky ideas, outlandish humor, controversial opinions, and more.

While it is crucial to avoid huge social faux pas and PR nightmares such as being cancelled for inappropriate behaviors or offensive attitudes, it is also crucial to take some risks. You will never achieve true social media buzz or make an impact if you don’t take risks and feel some adrenaline when you post something. Basically, staying inside the lines on social media is the opposite of what your goal should be. 

Parting Thoughts

Overall, if you maintain consistency and originality in your content, while also staying bold and courageous in your content production, you will have a better chance at succeeding in getting social media awareness. 

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