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CMO Q&A: Curtis Tingle, Valassis

What led you to a career in marketing?  Was it an early decision or a more recent event?

My career in marketing was guided by a passion for helping our clients understand their customers. Very early on, I consulted clients on campaign performance, uncovering insights on consumer behavior and helping them drive increased sales. Helping them win ultimately helped my company win, and in turn, helped me win.

Have you always been a marketer, or did you train for a different role prior to that (and if so, what?)?

I’ve always been close to marketing, but I have trained and operated in Sales, Finance, Product Management and Investor Relations.

If you could pick out one thing you find most challenging about marketing, what would it be?

The most challenging thing about marketing is also the most rewarding – telling a relatable, meaningful and compelling story.

How important is it for anyone joining your team today to be comfortable with data-driven marketing?

It’s like oxygen. Being comfortable with data-driven marketing is absolutely essential to success.

What’s the single most important component of your marketing stack (by description and/or vendor name)?

Any and all data that drives insight into consumer behavior.

If you weren’t a marketer, what would you be?

Either a teacher/professor or a small business owner.

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