Clinton Campaign Launches Text Bot That Sends Trump Quotes

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has doubled down on using Donald Trump’s own words as a marketing and engagement strategy.

The campaign’s newest product is a bot that will text recipients the most inflammatory comments from Donald Trump.

The functionality of the is similar to BFF Trump a Facebook Messenger bot that performs the same task. Agencies SS+K and Dexter created both apps.

The apps draws on the same backend database as Literally Trump, a fact-checking page used during the first presidential debate, a Clinton campaign spokesperson told VentureBeat.

After users sign up to receive text messages, the campaign bot imitating Donald Trump will demand a response to its messages or “You’re Fired.” Responses will prompt the bot to send Trump quotes, in conjunction with a “source” link to an article, video or transcript that includes the quote.

The Clinton campaign will encourage users send screenshots of their “favorite quotes” from or about Donald Trump on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.

After an undetermined amount of messages, the bot will ask if the user would like to receive promotional SMS messages from the Clinton campaign or ask the user to give $5 toward the campaign.

In addition, the Clinton Campaign has launched the I Will Vote Facebook Messenger bot today. The bot allows users to register to vote or verify their registration. It helps you register to vote or verify that you are registered to vote. It can also point you to your local polling station, and it says it can answer “any questions you have about voting.”

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