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Capturing communication preferences of a potential client can increase new leads and boost your conversion rates

When it comes to new business development for b-to-b companies, telemarketing continues to be a primary tool for qualifying leads. Companies using a CRM system  should maintain a code on file indicating the source and method of qualification for each record that is turned into lead and then turned into a client.

As companies capture and maintain this information, they have an opportunity to listen to prospect preferences, which companies should capture and classify accordingly.

In conducting an analysis of job function for the qualified candidates in a successful one-to-one campaign, we examined all sales results, or successes, and ran an analysis report according to different demographics to compare the level of penetration and conversion.

The results of our analysis identified specific differences in the following categories:

  • List Penetration represents the records we were able to communicate with as a percentage of the total target list — from a high of 96% to a low of 61%, indicating the number of records with specific job functions successfully categorized as prospects, no interest, bad numbers, etc.
  • Qualified represents the number of records we were able to qualify as a percentage of the total people with which we communicated — from a high of 90% to a low of 54%, representing our ability to convert prospects to qualified leads.
  • Qualified of Total List represents the number of records we were able to qualify as a percentage of the total records on our target list — from a high of 87% to a low of 33%, demonstrating the percent conversion of the people we were able to reach from the total list.
  • Conversation rates from a high of 98% to a low of 74% indicate the complexity of reaching people. Any piece of information maintained in the database can be used to identify prospects who should first receive a phone call.

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