Capri Sun blossoms into new ‘big pouch’ before Facebook fans’ eyes

Capri Sun recently launched its Capri Sun Goes Big campaign, targeting juice drinkers on Facebook.

Touting a larger serving size and an attached cap to seal the drink after it has been opened, Capri Sun enticed fans with photos of extremely massive foil pouches prior to the product’s release.

A Capri Sun hot air balloon, dumbbell and other items were added to the page to lure curious Facebook fans. The product was revealed in a video in which a pouch undergoes a transformation to a much larger size. In addition, fans are encouraged to “like” the Facebook page in order to get a coupon for the drink. Of course, the social media campaign included the all-important coupon.

Using Facebook as its interface was a smart move to target an older demographic of juice drinkers, emphasizing the difference between the classic “kids” drink and the new and improved “big” drink.

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