Brochure’s cover might need to take some lessons from the product it sells

I found this brochure in the recycling bin — which is perhaps not entirely surprising, as how many recipients are likely to raise their hands to say: “Hey boss, I think I need to attend this program?”

The piece did catch my eye in the recycling bin amid the other castaways – its bright color helped. The size of the piece was not a stand-out, however. Postal pressures, I’m sure, led the piece to be folded in half and tabbed.

One side contains the requisite postal information and a “mini-version” of the front cover of the full-size brochure. The other side displays a reduced-size and less copy-heavy version of the front cover design. Those who aren’t put off by the title might look inside, and they will be rewarded with a lot of detailed, benefit-based information that seminars companies like National Seminars have long found effective. The question remains, however: How many will look inside?

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