Brand marketers discuss what they look for at agencies

Top brand executives from Xerox Corp., Capital One and Esurance on the qualities they seek in an agency.

Christa Carone, CMO, Xerox Corp.

“[Agencies need to] recognize that the lines have completely blurred between traditional marketing and traditional communications. Therefore, agencies need to be even more collaborative and even more integrated in developing multifaceted approaches to multi-stakeholder engagement. Sounds easy but it’s tough to do — and responsibility sits

with both the client and the agencies to develop more united and unified fronts. Admittedly, we haven’t perfected this yet at Xerox, but we’re on our way.”

Patrick McLean, VP, digital brand strategy, Capital One

“Consumer behavior and technology are evolving so rapidly that we cannot rely on tried-and-true methods. Digital and direct agencies need to increasingly focus on social media,

content and engagement marketing to reflect that consumers now expect a conversation not a monologue. Agencies must challenge the status quo. Evolving our understanding of the customer journey and our data and measurement methodologies are top priorities for Capital One and our agencies.”

Nancy Abraham, VP, advertising, Esurance

“Consumers are so savvy and so in control that agencies need to continuously identify new and breakthrough ways of engaging them, be it through capturing their imagination, entertaining them or creating an experience for them. In other words, we may ask for one thing, but we may need something very different or something that we may not have even

dreamed of that may take our business to the next level. And a good client is always open to these ideas, so agencies shouldn’t wait to be asked.”

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