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BooneOakley’s YouTube “Homepage”

It wasn’t long after BooneOakley decided it was in need of a Web site redesign that the copywriter/art director team of Jim Robbins and Ryan Holland suggested a site that lives entirely on YouTube. They presented a sample video to the agency partners and it was well-received.

“I was most interested in the built-in potential for others to share it via their personal social networks,” says Demian Brink, agency partner and co-strategic director at BooneOakley, in a blog post.

The site has received plenty of buzz in the form of blog posts, tweets, subscriptions to the BooneOakley YouTube channel, and high placement in viral video viewing rankings.

“The real power was in the fact that we wanted to tell a story, and this was the kind of story people would want to spread to their friends,” Brink says.

Creative directors
David Oakley
John Boone

Art director
Ryan Holland

Jim Robbins

Craig Jelniker

Interactive director
Bill Allen,

Media director
Demian Brink

Strategic director
Phil Smith

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