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Big Brothers Big Sisters spurs donations in fundraising effort

The Offer: Nonprofit Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, in partnership with The Ad Council, launched its “Start Something” campaign in January to coincide with National Mentoring Month. While past campaigns highlighted how important mentoring is for underprivileged children, this integrated effort also demonstrates the value of financial support. ?

The Data: The campaign focuses on donor acquisition, explains Mack Koonce, EVP and COO of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Online materials show potential donors what various donation amounts enable the nonprofit to do for children. Data is managed in-house and a retention team maintains relationships with donors.?

The Channel: It redesigned the website last year to make donating easier than before. The current “Start Something” work uses TV, print and radio to drive users to donate online, while a strong social media presence is planned for March, said Dani Nadel, president at Publicis Modem & Dialog, which worked the campaign pro-bono. A second phase will roll out for back-to-school season.?

The Creative: Images and commercials demonstrate positive interactions between mentors and children, while the site shows the impact that financial and mentoring support can have on a child’s life. ?

The Verdict

Stacia Goddard is EVP of strategy at Purple@Epsilon, Epsilon’s digital and direct agency. She previously worked as managing director at Hill Holliday. Learn more about her in a Q&A.

The beauty of “Start Something” is that it is a movement, not a campaign. It rallies each of us to make a difference in the life of a child, whether we have the time to mentor or not. While the focus here is on acquisition, the message also works to reinforce the ?actions of those who are already engaged. Social marketing would be a great way to spread the word.?

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