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10 Best Tips! Use Social Media to Boost Holiday Sales.

With Cyber Monday behind us and Christmas just a month away, it's time for businesses to make the best of the social media sales advantage.
With Cyber Monday behind us and Christmas just a month away, it’s time for businesses to make the best of the social media sales advantage.

With Cyber Monday behind us and Christmas just a month away, it’s time for businesses to make the best of the social media sales advantage.

Here are some easy ways to interact with your customers and help them find the best gift this holiday season.

1. Use Instagram or Facebook Stories to showcase your best products.

Stories are popular on numerous social media platforms. Use stories to promote your business on the go.

This doesn’t have to require a full video or production team. Simple stories can be created before/after business hours or during downtime. Just take your phone, your stuff, and start posting photos assuming you own a product-based business.

Stories are a terrific way to introduce a new product, announce a sale, or offer a discount to followers who already engage with your brand. In addition, don’t forget a CTA at the conclusion. This might be something like: Click on our bio link! (or) Tap for more info!

2. Assist last-minute shoppers looking for the best gift.

We’ve all been there. You believe you’ve finished your holiday shopping only to realize you’ve forgotten someone — or several someones, to be honest.

Try offering curbside pickup or local delivery to your last-minute shoppers. Or, at the absolute least, advertise that buyers can order ahead and pick up products at their leisure.

3. Help a local non-profit or social business.

Do you have a yearly favorite local charity or organization?

Show them some love on social media this holiday season and make your fans feel wonderful. Consider donating $1 from every sale on a special day.

4. Tell your clients about your holiday hours and the best deals.

Are you open on holidays? Do you work odd hours? When do you close for Christmas?

Let your clients and prospects know when you’re open. In addition, let them know what special deals are going on so they can plan for them.

5. Hold a holiday contest or raffle.

Have an online contest to attract new followers. For example, “12 Days of Local Holiday Giveaways Begin December 1st!”

Giving your followers the chance to win exclusive new products or services before the holidays is a great way to engage their interest.

6. Launch a flash sale on social media. Use a great story to get started.

Stories are ideal for flash sales. They’re quick and easy. They’re a perfect way to sell before the holidays.

A flash sale doesn’t require fliers or even a radio commercial. Inform your audience about your deal and its specifics exclusively on social media platforms.

7. Use a social media countdown.

Start a Christmas countdown on your social media feeds. Make a daily reveal or countdown to vacation. Create countdowns for a new product launch, a one-day sale, a holiday video, and more.

8. Create a traditional holiday activity post.

Ask your followers questions about your company and products.

For example, if you sell candles, ask your followers which they prefer: sugar cookie or cinnamon? Do people prefer hot chocolate or cider at your cafe? Make it about you, but have fun and invite others into the conversation.

9. Keep asking intriguing questions.

Build polls on Instagram or Facebook stories for your fans.

For example, ask your audience about Christmas traditions or your business. Ask about favorite gifts or gift ideas. Get creative!

10. Post a top gift guide, yours or even other businesses you like.

Gift guides are perfect for your social media following.

In that format, you can display several things from your company without pushing a sale on them. Be sure to list prices by category. For example: $10 Gifts, $25 Gifts, Kids Gifts, etc.

Whether you make a gift guide full of your own products, or others from local businesses, be sure to promote your gift guide on social media.

It’s always best to engage with followers.

Last but not least, stay active on your feeds and engage with your fans. People want to hear what you are doing.

Post a festive message (or several) on your social media accounts during December. Find or create images that are fun and inviting. Make your presence as welcoming and cheerful as possible.

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