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B2B Campaign, Winner: Dell

Dell took a highly customer-centric approach to this online lead gen campaign for its enterprise technology products. Results have far surpassed benchmarks, and they just keep improving quarter-over-quarter.

The company had been using an effective ad tech stack to run product centric prospecting and retargeting campaigns. Rather focusing on one product, this new campaign lets customers choose which product/topic they’re most interested in (Storage, Cloud, or Converged Infrastructure) and consume related content at their own pace. Sales teams only contact customers upon request.

Specific landing pages were built for each product / topic, and the campaign includes a total of 36 different assets. Everything is regularly tracked and optimized.

A Dell representative noted that a “unique combination of first-, second-, and third-party data combined with targeted creative brought unprecedented targeting ability.”

Given this campaign’s success, Dell has launched similar efforts in Germany and India. Both are reportedly generating excellent results.

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