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Are Marketers Ready to Erupt? [Infographic]

Marketers can often feel like they’re facing a mountain of problems. And if these issues remain unaddressed, marketers’ anxiety can overflow until they’re completely burnt out.

A new study from project management software provider Workfront suggests that marketers may be closer to their boiling point than top management at the organizations they work for realize. According to the “Marketers Stress Report,” 25% of the 526 marketers surveyed say they’re overly stressed or stressed to the max.

So, what’s getting marketers so heated? Proving their value to people who don’t understand their job is something more than half (55%) of respondents said they dread about their career. Other stressors include juggling their workload (51%), dealing with people who say they have great marketing ideas but don’t (42%), and constantly putting out fires (36%).

But it looks like some marketers still lava their jobs. In fact, 84% of respondents say they don’t regret their career path.

To better understand modern marketers’ stresses, check out the infographic below.

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