AppLift: Best Place to Work Honorable Mention (Startup-Sized Companies)

Founded in August 2012 by Tim Koschella, Kaya Taner, Berlin-based mobile technology company AppLift has reached the heights that most startups strive toward. In just four years, it’s opened offices around the world, staffed those facilities with more than 220 employees (16 of whom are based in the U.S.), launched a successful product (DataLift360), and gained big players in its space as clients (King and Zynga).

But what made the company stand out to us was its consistently high scores in our judgement categories and the sheer enthusiasm its employees display about about life at the company:

  • “People have ownership of their tasks and autonomy to make decisions on their own. We have a saying: ‘It is better to fail gloriously, than to succeed in mediocrity’”
  • “Great company with amazing people and culture. Been in tons of other companies, I can say this is the best I have ever been in :)”
  • “Focused fun while accomplishing big projects”
  • “It’s like a family”

The company received especially high marks for inspiring creativity (near perfect 5’s), having a convenient location (perfect scores), and having a strong camaraderie amongst employees (near perfect scores).

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