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App of the Week: TRUSTe

TRUSTe’s privacy app aims to simplify the process of opting out of behaviorally targeted ads on mobile devices. It also allows users to communicate directly with advertisers about which ads they’d like to see.

When opting out of targeted ads, according to the organization, users will continue to see ads but advertisers will cease to target them based on mobile and Web habits. If users continue to receive targeted ads, they can inform the advertiser as to what type of ads they do and do not wish to see.

Conversely, the app enables advertisers to provide privacy controls and more relevant ads for consumers, and helps them ensure compliance with industry self-regulatory guidelines and increase the use and relevance of Interest-based ads in a privacy-friendly manner.

The app integrates two solutions from TRUSTe’s Data Privacy Management Platform: TRUSTed Ads, a privacy solution that enables consumers to opt out of and back into interest-based ads, and TRUSTed Interests, a consumer interests management solution that allows users to select different categories of interests for the ads they receive.

You can’t argue with results:

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